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About Rev Daria Kathleen Sherman PhD

Rev Daria Kathleen Sherman PhD is an ordained  interfaith minister, and is licensed in Ohio to solemnize a marriage.  She guides couples through an easy yet thorough process in creating the wedding of their dreams from simple intimate to lavish exquisite gatherings.

Suggested donation $150 -$200  includes meetings to plan wedding ceremony, and couple's counseling. Also included is creation, preparation, writing of readings, prayers etc. for ceremony, rehearsal, and wedding ceremony.

Rev. Daria is an insightful and creative wedding officiant. Her compassionate nature naturally puts clients at ease, and helps to create a graceful ceremony. She supports marriage equality and honors all religious, spiritual and secular backgrounds. Marriage is a time when two people come together and proclaim their love for one another and their desire to create a new life together. This union is a sacred event. Your ceremony should be an accurate reflection of your unique relationship, not just a generic script. Rev Daria prides herself on working with couples to create ceremonies that are inspirational, personal, and memorable.

                                          For questions and to schedule call  (330) 936-9942


"Daria  Thank you for helping us pull it together and hold it together! " Mike Curtis Yoga Central

"Words cannot express how grateful I am for all the thought, consideration, effort, kindness, and spirituality you brought to our wedding.  Thank you for everything!"  Gloria Yoga Central

"Rev. Daria was professional, nurturing, and receptive to our needs for our special day. It meant so much to us to have someone who was willing to take the time to get to know us, and truly help facilitate our vision for our wedding ceremony." Maggie Miner

"It was a pleasure to have her officiate our wedding, very kind and supportive every step of the way." Daniela Bolen

"Beyond expectations  Daria performed our wedding ceremony following our wishes just as we had wanted, and added a few elements, after asking if it would by ok to do this. It all went PERFECT !!!!!! I'd definitely recommend her to anyone, of any belief, to officiate their wedding ceremony !! " Mark Martin

"Perfect day! Daria performed our ceremony just as we wished and added a personal touch, that made it even better. I highly recommend her !" Cecilia Martin