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I began writing Zebra Tales - The Wisdom of Mr. Stripes thinking it would be just one book.  This was to be a gift for Annmarie my son's surviving girlfriend because she going have a baby due the end of December.  Of course there were too many topics, and this lead to the series of 7 books.  Annmarie loves all things Zebras.  So did my son. My son passed away July 16, 2012  from a tragic accident, he was 19 years old. Annmarie was his first, and last love.

When he was a child, my son Paul, and I had bedtime conversations about the nature of Zebras. He would delay bedtime by wanting to talk, and when I asked what do you want to talk about, he would always say let’s talk about Zebras. "Do you think they are white, with black stripes, or black, with white stripes?"  And off we would go in talking.    This lead to me getting him a stuffed animal/pillow zebra that he declared to be Mr. Stripes.  Mr. Stripes was the king of all the other animals in his bedroom.  Our sometimes very long bedtime conversations included teachings from "Mr. Stripes".  All of the teachings are in the 7 books- Stripes series.

So the books share special messages that are near, and dear to my heart.   I felt so much joy writing this series, even though a couple books brought up bitter sweet tears.   My hope is that other parents, and grandparents will enjoy reading, and sharing these books with their little ones. I wish that the children look forward to the comforts, and guidance that Mr. Stripes imparts.   The messages in each book empowers a child to self-love, and acceptance.  Tools are given to assist a child in dealing with their emotions, and life changes.  A deeper context is revealed regarding the nature of Divinity yet described using simple words, and ideas.    The hardcover books are written so as to be purchased individually, or as a set. 



Key in -Zebra Tales-The Wisdom of Mr.Stripes  by Daria Kathleen

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Zebra Tales -   Book 1 in the Mr. Stripes series, is a story designed to encourage, and empower children to listen to their inner knowing, using the light within to guide their decision making. Our culture has taught most people to look outside for answers. Many have become disempowered, and influenced by the herd. Instead of thinking things through, and making choices that are authentic, they seek another's opinions above their own. Mommy Zebra teaches little Zebra about the inner light. This light of Love won't be found in material things like TVs or PHD degrees, cell phones, or ice cream cones, a new pair of pants, or romance. But you will perceive it in giggles and laughs, and maybe when playing with your toys while taking bubble baths. Zebra Tales builds self- confidence at a very young age, and reinforces that Love lights the way in day to day experiences.    $24.99  -hardcover-  also Paperback  available through Amazon


Zebra Tales  - Kids at school is the 2nd book in the Mr. Stripes series of Self-help books for children. This story is designed to encourage, and empower children to listen to their inner knowing using the light within to guide them. In this post- modern world the children are facing more challenges than ever before. Zebra Tales stresses the importance of self -Love, and self-acceptance, and imparts greater confidence. Children with self- approval, and self-confidence are less likely to be excluded, or targets of bullying. If they are, they are less likely to remain silent, and internalized the incident. In a culture that has taught most people to look outside for the answers, many have become disempowered, and influenced by the herd, instead of thinking for themselves, and making choices that are authentic to their true Divine nature. Zebra Tales reinforces at a very young age that the light of love within lights the way.    $24.99 -

-hardcover- also Paperback available through Amazon


Zebra Tales –Bubbles of Feelings - Children often find it difficult to express their feelings in constructive ways. While they enjoy the good feelings, they may have difficulty coping with the unpleasant variety. Talking about feelings is a good way to understand that whether the feeling feels good, or bad, they are normal. Zebra Tales - Bubbles of Feelings, the 3rd book in the Mr. Stripes series, gives a child a tool for them to use when they experience overwhelming feelings. Often our minds produce worries as thoughts that bother us about what might go wrong in the future. Or we feel ashamed, angry, or sad regarding something that already happened. Sometimes the feelings are so strong, or constant that they interfere with one's ability to fall asleep, or focus on the task at hand. Maybe a child is feeling shy, preventing them from making new friends. Little Zebra imagines bubbles to put her troubled feelings into. A person is not their feelings, rather they have feelings. This is an important, and empowering distinction.  $24.99 -hardcover-, also  Paperback available through Amazon


Zebra Tales – Daddy Moved     One of the most difficult conversations parents can have with their children is about changes such as separation, or divorce. These types of changes are difficult, and can be traumatic for children. 99% of children are delicate, and easily hurt, even though they put on a brave face. Zebra Tales - Daddy Moved the 4th book in The Mr. Stripes series - discusses changes that can occur in families. When parents have problems, and disagree on certain key issues, a child needs to know they are not to blame, especially when the disagreements involves the child. Life is always changing, and sometimes change comes because someone moves away. If this happens in your family, it is very important for a child to say what they need to say. Families are different, and not all parents are a mom or dad, they could be grandparents, aunts, or an adult friend.  $24.99 -hardcover-  also paperback available through Amazon


Zebra Tales - Mommy’s Baby-  Sibling rivalry often starts right after the birth of a second child. Sometimes the older child becomes aggressive, or even regressive. This means they start acting like a baby again. It is important to prepare your child so they know what to expect. This makes their adjustment to the changes a baby brings easier. . Zebra Tales- Mommy's Baby - the 5th book in The Mr. Stripes series addresses many concerns an older sibling has with a new addition to the family. The book identifies that babies come from Love - then through a mom and dad. This gives a much deeper context to understand life from. $24.99 -hardcover-, also paperback available through Amazon


Zebra Tales  – Daisy Dewdrop Dolittle-  One of the most difficult topics to discuss is death and loss. Yet this is a natural part of the tapestry of life. Every one of us is affected by, or experiences the loss of a loved one at some point in our lives. When death is experienced in the immediate family whether a beloved pet, or grandparent, parent, sibling, relative, or close friend, the emotions triggered are very painful. Young children who don't have the understanding of the here after, will be especially affected by such a loss. In the grip of personal grief, parents may be at a loss for words as they too struggle during this imperative time. Zebra Tales - Daisy Dewdrop Dolittle - the 6th book in the Mr. Stripes series, explores and reveals that death is just the ending of physical form. That life is ever lasting, and that when one dies, limitation, and separation are removed.  $24.99 -hardcover- also paperback available through Amazon



Zebra Tales - Nature Talks - the 7th book in the Mr. Stripes series, is designed to help alleviate bedtime stress by guiding a child through a magical visualization technique. Visualization if taught at an earlier age will enhance many areas of children’s lives. Visualization helps to improve concentration, and encourages artistic creative abilities. The techniques create a more balanced centered state, and stimulates a child’s imagination. Visualizations are very effective in helping children who tend to scatter their thoughts in different directions. Often after reading a visualization to a child before bedtime, they will feel safe, and released from their fears, resulting in a peaceful sleep.  $24.99  -hardcover-  also paperback available through Amazon